Costa Apostolakis

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Costa E. Apostolakis as CEO, is responsible for the vision, strategy, and growth initiatives of our company. Costa brings more than 20 years of leadership, marketing, sales, and management experience. Costa was COO for MainNet Communications Ltd. and was responsible for the strategic and operational leadership of MainNet's worldwide sales, marketing, and services organization, in addition to driving sales and marketing programs.

Costa is the principal developer of Our ecoOne energy management software, a Smart Grid application that provides real time visibility into the Utilities' electric distribution grids providing outage reporting and the command and control of various devices located throughout the network.

Costa has headed several companies focusing on communications, including operations, software development, sales, and support. In October 2003, he managed the successful launch of the first commercial Broadband over Powerline (BPL) deployment in the US located in Manassas VA.