Haim Shaul

Co-Founder & Vice President of Operations

Haim Shaul is a co-founder and Vice President of Operations and is responsible for the company's worldwide operations including the design and implementation of all operational strategies, investments, policies, and processes. He leads the company's efforts for manufacturing and supply chain management and is also responsible for the company's overall project management. In a variety of leadership positions, Haim has demonstrated strategic vision, organizational development, and consistent execution in areas including operations, engineering, IT, business integration, customer service, sales, and marketing.

Haim held senior technical and management positions at MainNet Communications Ltd. He performed “hands on” technical & marketing functions in the energy and communications industry involving broadband over powerline (BPL) communications and advanced metering network design, engineering, implementation, and project management. Haim has played a significant role in the adoption of BPL communication in the US markets and is heavily involved in its standardization (FCC & IEEE).

With over 15 years of IT and communication experience, 8 years specific to high speed communication over powerlines, Haim is considered an industry expert which is a distinction only a few others share.