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Enterprise Software

A real time network creates massive loads of data, and the Nexgrid solution includes software to store, archive, retrieve, analyze, and make that data actionable. EcoOne is the visually stunning web portal that simplifies Meter Data Management, Network monitoring and management, Demand Response, Disconnect/Reconnect, and a host of other applications that the utility will use to run the smart grid day-to-day.

Energy Data Server (EDS)

Nexgrid's EDS is the most advanced data management system manager for smart grid solutions, enabling you to retrieve accurate real-time information about the status, security, and performance of the end devices as well as the smart grid communications network itself.


Nexgrid's ecoOne is a Utility Network operating system that provides visibility to an endless amount of devices to improve reliability and provide a real time visibility to the distribution grids status. ecoOne supports industry standard protocols to ensure easy integration with third-party software systems.