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Energy Data Server (EDS)

Energy Data Server (EDS): Product Information

Whether you are a CIO of a large utility or the director of operations at a small municipality, you need total visibility and control of your service network for business operations, as well as customer operations and customer satisfaction.

Nexgrid's EDS is the most advanced data management system manager for smart grid solutions, enabling you to retrieve accurate real-time information about the status, security, and performance of the end devices as well as the smart grid communications network itself.

Benefits of Nexgrid's Energy Data Server:

  • Minimizes future obsolescence: Nexgrid is working with industry leaders and standards groups to assure support for a wide range of future devices.
  • Exceptional interoperability for ease of deployment: The EDS utilizes open system industry standards such as XML, SOAP, Web Services, MultiSpeak and CIM. Our server has been tested and/or deployed with most major enterprise applications and demand response devices.
  • Superior system availability: Be assured that your system management solution will always be available with automatic memory management, statistics, and data recovery advisor, automatic backups (physical and logical), full backup, incremental, and cumulative, graceful exception handling (auto repair), snapback capable, hot failover with automatic direction to the standby site within seconds.
  • Element management: Provides continuous discovery for Level 2-Level 3, faults, device configuration and management, auditing health and performance, remote firmware upgrades, security, and device interoperability.
  • Network management: Monitors network health, performance and security; performs preventative measures to the WAN and LAN.
  • Multi-utility service management: Offers management applications for Smart Metering (electric, gas, water), Grid Modernization, Demand Response (ZigBee, 802.11n), as well as future smart grid applications.

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