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Working with equipment from major manufacturers such as GE, Vision Metering, Sensus, Badger, and others, Nexgrid's ecoNet Smart Grid Gateway provides the best self-organizing wireless mesh networks for electricity, water, and gas metering applications and are based on standards-based communication protocols.

intelaMeter solutions are perfect for electric utility companies' commercial and industrial as well as residential AMI/AMR applications. ecoNet's real time communication allows utilities to perform advanced metering, outage and restoration detection, demand response, and other mission critical applications that utilize a standards-based platform. Through the Nexgrid intelaHome portal consumers can access real time information of their energy usage and history through the web, mobile phone, or an ecoStat in-home display.

GE i210+ & i210+c

World class accuracy and reliability in a solid-state kWh meter platform package. Available with a service switch as well as a wide array of communications options.

GE kV2c+

Ideal for extremely harsh environments, this model builds on our kV2c design and includes a more robust power supply and suitability for 600V applications

Vision XT

Nexgrid’s Vision XT fully loaded ANSI style meter is a highly adopted solid state watt-hour meter designed to provide unparalleled digital accuracy, reliability, and cost effective metering solutions for all residential and commercial applications.

intelaMeter Water

Nexgrid's water meter is compatible with the UI-1203 standard and supports all major water meter brands on the market, providing users with a real-time, two-way water AMI system.