ecoStat: Product Information

EcoStat provides real-time information to consumers including electric, water, and gas demand.

The ecoStat features built-in ZigBee wireless that communicates to ecoNet or ecoBox Gateways. Using the intelaHome customer portal, consumers have the ability to control the thermostat from anywhere in the world. ecoOne allows the Utility to send information in real time directly to the thermostat. This information is then displayed by the thermostat to communicate pricing and/or emergency information via color-coded indicator lights (green = off-peak, yellow = peak, red = crisis).

As utility companies adopt "time of use" pricing, the ecoStat can help the consumer manage their energy use - and save money - by reducing air conditioning and other energy usage during peak periods. In addition, during crisis energy periods, the thermostat can receive a signal directly from the utility company to adjust the temperature up in order to reduce energy demand. EcoStat provides real time usage of electric, water, and gas as well as customized messages from the utility.

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