ecoSwitch LC

ecoSwitch LC: Product Information

The ecoSwitch LC is a load control relay with ZigBee communication that enables remote management of high energy devices through Nexgrid ecoOne and IntelaHome software systems.

ecoSwitch LC houses a 30 amp relay for direct load control of water heaters and other large load devices. ecoSwitch LC is optionally configured with load sensing including a unique feature that will sense when the load is "calling to run" but is inhibited by the Utility. This powerful feature allows for detailed load study functions.

Utilizing IEEE standards-based communication technologies EcoSwitch LC will communicate with third party devices to create a platform for Demand Side Management, Smart Home and other Utility assets that require communication. EcoSwitch LCensures greater reliability and redundancy on a future proof broadband network that is easily deployed and managed.

ecoSwitch LC: Documentation