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Network Infrastructure

The ecoNet gateway is the most innovative, secure, and easy to install smart grid gateway available today. It provides the foundation for real-time, secure management and monitoring of meters and intelligent end devices. These building blocks enable utilities to deliver large amounts of data over a single standards-based platform.

Proven Technology

Nexgrid's ecoNet wireless mesh infrastructure is based on IEEE 802.11 and 802.15.4 protocols that have been widely accepted and deployed in numerous applications (over 100 million worldwide). The wide array of uses and deployment for these standards means that the network can plug and play with future devices on a backbone that is based on the most stable technology standards available today.

Broadband Capacity

Not only the bandwidth and latency guarantees required for each Smart Grid networking tier, but also the ability to selectively scale WAN and NAN capacity as bandwidth requirements increase. Offering an air data rate of +100 MB allows for rich functionality that will support future products and services as the industry matures and new bandwidth hungry applications are added to the network.

ecoNet SL

The ecoNet Street Light Communication Gateway provides the central link between endpoint devices and your utility's mission-critical systems, enabling intelligent network control and monitoring.

ecoSwitch SL

The ecoSwitch SL is a street light photocell sensor and power monitoring devices that acts as a ZigBee repeater extending  communication to additional intelligent end point devices on the network.