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Meter Management

Real-Time Communication

The advanced metering communicates to the Multi-Mesh network in real time providing two-way communication to end-point devices. The high bandwidth provided by the Nexgrid small cell design allows for real-time communication.

Outage Notification: Whether an outage affects a single home, transformer, or entire circuit, the Nexgrid system will notify the appropriate personnel before you get your first phone call. The notification will explain the exact nature of the outage.

Demand Response: Real time reads allow for load control events to be performed with maximum precision and efficiency.

Volt/VAR Applications: Monitor critical endpoints to determine where line loss may be occuring, and correct it in real time.

Historical Reporting

The ecoOne system provides many graphical views into the data gathered by the smart meters. The Nexgrid smart grid system makes viewing the history of meters and all end-points as simple as a click of the mouse. Historical charts and tables are available to illustrate the entire history of every type of read (voltage, KWH, KW, KVA, KVAR, etc.)

Remote Connect and Disconnect

Because of the real-time nature of the system utilities are provided with the ability to remotely connect and disconnect meters.

Time of Use Capability

Smart metering provides accurate historical records of when a customer is utilizing electricity. This along with the ability to integrate with billing system architectures allows utilities to do time based billing.