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The Solution

As the industry's only complete end-to-end standards-based architecture, Nexgrid provides an integrated communications solution coupled with head-end Smart Grid solutions unlike any other system. With the unique ability to provide wireless mesh communications for private networking that extends from distribution to metering to consumers, Nexgrid's solution allows end consumers and Utilities to recognize many benefits:

Nexgrid's solution provides real time communication for the management, monitoring and control of the electric distribution grid. The solution provides seamless metering, load control, load management, outage and restoration management, disconnects & reconnects, Smart Home, two-way messaging, real-time pricing, video surveillance and more.

Smart Grid Management

Nexgrid's ecoOne helps Utilities build smarter grids with ecoOne Data Management software which acts as a central Meter Data Management platform and Energy Management System for Utilities.

Consumer Portal

Nexgrid's intelaHome is the industry's leading customer web portal for providing real time spending and usage reports, energy audits, and comparisons against nationwide benchmarks for energy usage profiling.

Real Time Billing and Analysis

Water, Gas and Electric meters can be read instantaneously in one system, allowing for analysis across all assets on the grid to optimize load distribution, demand response and a unified billing system.

The Result

Nexgrid provides the most flexible, extensible, maintainable, scalable, and future-proof network available for the Smart Grid of today and tomorrow. The software is user-friendly, whether supporting the needs of Utility managers or the end consumer. Nexgrid creates a service bus that allows for easy plug and play of any new devices supporting the most widely available networking technologies and topologies of today, as well as seamless integration into enterprise software, whether trouble ticketing, billing, outage notification, enterprise monitoring, or any other system that supports diverse public standards.