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Nexgrid Begins Installing Street Light Mounted Smart Grid Gateways

Innovative Design Reduces Cost and Complexity of Installation

8/22/2011 - Nexgrid, the leading provider of standards-based smart grid solutions, today announced that it has begun shipping the latest version of its flagship product, the ecoNet SL.

Like all ecoNet products, the ecoNet SL is a multi-mesh gateway that leverages Nexgrid’s patent pending dual mesh technology to provide seamless and ubiquitous wireless communication in support of AMI, HAN, Demand Response, and other Distributed Automated functions. The ecoNet SL gateways support the latest WIFI 802.11N and ZigBee wireless communication standards. The SL product changes the game by being the easiest to install gateway available on the market. It is lightweight, very durable, and plugs into the photocell available on all common street lights in North America. Additionally, the ecoNet SL manages and monitors the streetlights providing energy usage and bulb outage notification.

Haim Shaul, CMO and co-founder of Nexgrid said, "Our system has gained traction because we have always focused on creating solutions that are easy to use, whether our software, our gateways, or our end devices. The ecoNet SL is truly groundbreaking because it allows for an installation to be completed in less than 30 seconds.” Shaul added, “Our customers have found that they can install the SL without any tools or any wire splicing. Quite simply, no other smart grid gateway product on the market can make this claim.”

About Nexgrid

Nexgrid, LLC is a US based company that provides an end-to-end solution for wireless smart grid and advanced metering.  Nexgrid's products provide utility companies and consumers the ability to manage and monitor their smart grid and smart home networks.  Nexgrid's solutions  utilize high speed, 100% standards-based communications providing real-time data that enables energy management and utility operations.  In addition to advanced metering of electric, water and gas, Nexgrid manufactures load control devices, capacitor bank controllers, thermostats and street light control hardware.  Lastly, their ecoOne enterprise software provides meter data, network, load control, street light, outage and customer portal management all in one easy to use platform.

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