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Nexgrid Begins Shipping New Product

Nexgrid has begun shipping its intelaMeter Water product.

9/26/2012 - Nexgrid, a leading provider of advanced metering and smart grid infrastructure based on open-standards, today announced that it has begun shipping its intelaMeter Water product.

Utilizing Nexgrid's standards-based, broadband infrastructure, Nexgrid has revolutionized water metering with its AMI ZigBee based water metering module. Utility's and their Customers will now be able to monitor water usage in real-time from any computer or smart phone. The intelaMeter provides real-time consumption, leak and tamper detection. Nexgrid's intelaMeter uses a wireless mesh ZigBee platform and patented algorithms in achieving true two-way, real-time communication with a 20 year battery life.

The intelaMeter Water supports the UI-1203 standard and is compatible with most water meters on the market today including Sensus, Badger, Hersey, Master Meter and others.

"We are proud to announce yet another ground breaking product that utilizes our ecoNet standardized communications platform." said Costa Apostolakis, Founder and CEO of Nexgrid. He added, "As with all of Nexgrid's products the intelaMeter Water is true plug and play. This latest product demonstrates Nexgrid's commitment to developing new and innovative products for the Smart Grid. We now provide water and electric metering,street light control and load management on a unified communications infrastructure"

About Nexgrid

Nexgrid, LLC is a US based company that provides an end-to-end solution for wireless smart grid and advanced metering.  Nexgrid's products provide utility companies and consumers the ability to manage and monitor their smart grid and smart home networks.  Nexgrid's solutions  utilize high speed, 100% standards-based communications providing real-time data that enables energy management and utility operations.  In addition to advanced metering of electric, water and gas, Nexgrid manufactures load control devices, capacitor bank controllers, thermostats and street light control hardware.  Lastly, their ecoOne enterprise software provides meter data, network, load control, street light, outage and customer portal management all in one easy to use platform.

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