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Smithville, TN Selects Nexgrid’s Smart Grid Solution

5/28/2013 - Locust Grove, VA. May 28, 2013 - Nexgrid announced today that Smithville Electric System (SES), a Municipally owned Utility in Tennessee, has selected Nexgrid’s smart grid solution for a full scale deployment to all of its customers. The project is underway and is expected to be completed by fall 2013. Smithville Electric System (SES) has selected Nexgrid to deploy a full scale smart grid and advanced metering infrastructure. After a successful pilot project, SES has chosen to expand the smart grid infrastructure to include their entire customer base. The deployment will provide operational improvements and improved billing capabilities for SES. Nexgrid’s system will provide real-time outage notification, distribution management, real-time meter reading, advanced analytical capabilities for energy usage, customer web portal and intelligent streetlight control.

“Smithville has taken a very thoughtful and innovative approach to smart grid technologies, focusing on a real-time, easy to deploy solution that is secure and future proof,” said Costa Apostolakis, CEO of Nexgrid. “The results of the pilot speak for themselves as we look to evolve smart grid communications from proprietary systems to true multi-application networks built on open standards.”

“Smithville's new smart grid network will transform its operations and empower its customers to make informed choices about their energy use. Nexgrid’s solution allows a utility of any size the ability to deploy a cost effective smart grid utilizing their existing staff.”

Mike Parker, Manager of Smithville Electric System said, “Smithville has deployed pilot projects from a variety of smart grid vendors. Nexgrid’s system provided 5 minute interval data which has enabled us to be selected along with only 4 other TVA distributors for the TVA/TVPPA ADR (Aggregated Demand Response) pilot. This will offer our customers demand reduction as virtual generation for economic and reliability calls.

After reviewing each system carefully, we chose to move forward with Nexgrid as we felt their solution will allow SES to have one of the most advanced smart grid networks in the world.”

About Nexgrid

Nexgrid, LLC is a US based company that provides an end-to-end solution for wireless smart grid and advanced metering.  Nexgrid's products provide utility companies and consumers the ability to manage and monitor their smart grid and smart home networks.  Nexgrid's solutions  utilize high speed, 100% standards-based communications providing real-time data that enables energy management and utility operations.  In addition to advanced metering of electric, water and gas, Nexgrid manufactures load control devices, capacitor bank controllers, thermostats and street light control hardware.  Lastly, their ecoOne enterprise software provides meter data, network, load control, street light, outage and customer portal management all in one easy to use platform.

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